Atlanta start-up Restaurant Tech launches on Sunday following $ 24 million seed funding round led by Coatue



Founded by Atlanta technological leader and former COO of ManoMano, disruptor in the e-commerce space, Christine de Wendel alongside European restaurateurs Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger of Big Mamma Group Restaurants, this new technology allows customers to pay their bills at their own pace via a QR code placed on each table and assigned to separate groups. The new payment method cuts down on wasted time, increases efficiency, allows customers to easily split checks, and eliminates physical points of contact between restaurant staff and customers.

“It’s simple – we deliver a much better experience for less. For the customer it is fast, convenient and transparent and for the restaurant owner and his staff it is easier and more cost effective, ”said Christine de Wendel, co-founder and CEO of sunday in the United States “As a customer, it lets you skip the wait game, giving you the ability to pay as soon as you are ready. As a restaurateur, it creates challenges. ‘incredible operational efficiencies, while generally delivering higher tips and faster turnover of your staff. “

With a recently completed $ 24 million seed capital of Coatue, New Wave and many investors from the world of technology and hospitality, the application is launched today and works with more than 1300 restaurants in Europe – from casual dining chains to Michelin-starred restaurants – via the restaurants of the Bertrand group, the establishments of Eric Frechon, PNY in Europe.

“Sunday is a game changer for us,” said Brendan Sodikoff, general manager of Chicagobased on Hogsalt. “Whether our establishment is fast-paced, laid-back or more upscale, giving customers control over their precious time means we turn tables faster and improve service. Sunday allows our customers to move and our employees to focus on what matters most! ”

The ultimate goal of Sunday is to make physical dining experiences as simple, fast and convenient as ordering online – while allowing restaurateurs and their teams to focus on their core mission of cooking, serving with a smile and cherish their customers. Sunday is developing a solution that should halt payments in all physical locations, from hospitality to retail.

“Working in the restaurant industry is amazing, but tough,” said Harold moore, chef at Harold’s at the Arlo Soho, Charlie Palmer Collective. “Sunday gives restaurants back precious minutes, bringing more tips and removing major sticking points in processing customer payments.”

To reduce the risk of contamination amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Seydoux, Lugger and their famous European catering group Big Mamma launched the solution in 14 European restaurants last year. After a year of using the solution in Big Mamma Restaurants, the team has seen some remarkable discoveries that demonstrate the need to deploy it on a larger scale, including:

– 80% of Big Mamma customers have chosen to pay via QR code
– Customers and staff saved 15 minutes per table
– Servers received 40% more tips
– 50% of bills were easily shared by diners in seconds
– There was 12% more table rotation, creating significant operational efficiency gains

With these results, the catering expertise of the Big Mamma Restaurants team and the formidable track record of de Wendel’s growing technology companies, this new service is the cutting-edge technology that restaurants need most to recover from. pandemic – and a much simpler and cheaper solution. to their current payment options.

“We are delighted to have restaurateurs, hoteliers and funders on board who share our ambition to create a simpler, less expensive way to pay restaurant bills around the world,” said Victor Lugger, co -Founder and CEO of Sunday.

“Sunday’s offering will use technology to make the dining experience more efficient and safer for consumers and restaurant staff,” said Michael gilroy by Coatue. “We are delighted to support this proven team of entrepreneurs as they expand their business around the world.”

Sunday has offices in Atlanta, London, Paris and Madrid. To learn more, visit

About sunday
Sunday is a tech company that turns the painful 15 minutes it takes to pay at a restaurant into a quick and easy experience that takes less than 10 seconds – just scan a QR code, pay and go. Sunday’s long-term vision is to disrupt payment in the physical retail space.

About Coatue
Coatue is one of the world’s largest technology investment platforms with more than $ 35 billion in assets under management. Our dedicated team of engineers and data scientists work closely with investment professionals to add value to the founders and leadership teams of our portfolio. With venture capital, growth and public funds, we support entrepreneurs around the world and at every stage of growth. Some of our private investments include Airtable, Ant Financial, Anaplan, ByteDance, Chime, Databricks, DoorDash, Instacart, Meituan, Snap, Snowflake, and Spotify.




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