After Whitmer Bar rally, critics say all restaurants fined for Covid violations should be reimbursed



While Governor Gretchen Whitmer was in Grand Rapids on Monday to tout that workplaces across the state welcome employees returning to the office – others seemed focused on her actions this weekend.

Whitmer was captured in a photo surrounded by more than six people at a table in a restaurant, which, by state order, is a violation.

“Whitmer was flouting his own COVID-19 rules when the rest of us must abide by them,” said Tori Sachs.

This is something that does not fit well with the Michigan Freedom Fund that Sachs runs. She is the executive director of the conservative nonprofit organization which has deep feelings about the message the picture sends.

“There are people who have not been able to visit their loved ones in nursing homes,” Sachs said. “These people are human too. They all wanted to live their lives, and Governor Whitmer and his administration have repeatedly said no.”

One group, The Impeach Whitmer Campaign, even filed a police report claiming this image could be worth more than a thousand words – specifically a $ 500 fine for breaking the order, which is punishment for a restaurant / bar inflicted. by its own administration.

After the photo of Whitmer at the Landshark taken on Saturday, two days later, the governor lifted the rule banning more than six people from sitting together at a table. This will go into effect next month, which means that if that same image were taken on June 1, it wouldn’t violate any orders.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer pictured at Landshark in East Lansing with more than six people at her table in violation of state orders imposed by her office

“We have a constitution. We have rights, and it is time for all Covid orders to end,” Sachs said.

Whitmer apologized for the scene in the photo on Sunday. On Monday in Grand Rapids, she repeated it.

“It was an honest mistake and I apologized for it,” Whitmer said. “I think we haven’t specifically penalized the companies that are trying to do the right thing. It’s the ones that have flouted and put others at risk are the most worrying. But I don’t think there is much- something to add other than Spartans. or Spartans for life should know this is a restaurant and they have really good pizzas. “

The management of the Landshark in East Lansing said they had no comment on the photo or the Covid orders. As for the apologies, the conservative groups do not think it goes far enough. They are asking all companies or individuals who have been fined to be reimbursed.

Tori Sachs, Executive Director of Michigan Freedom Fund

Tori Sachs, Executive Director of Michigan Freedom Fund

“Unless she shows them the same pardon by overturning all the violations that have been ordered at the state and federal level and paying back all the fines, I think that rings hollow,” Sachs said.

The governor said she plans to remove all covid restrictions by July 1.



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