A virtual restaurant brand to support Bitcoin, “ Take On ” Big Pizza



Bitcoin Pizza Day is approaching, making it a great time to launch a bitcoin-themed virtual pizza place. Anthony Pompliano, entrepreneur and investor, announced today he is launching Bitcoin Pizza, a pop-up restaurant brand that will partner with independent pizzerias to deliver pies from May 22 to 29. (May 22 is official Bitcoin Pizza Day.)

May 22, also known as Bitcoin Pizza Day, will mark the 11th anniversary of the world’s first business transaction made with digital currency – for two pizzas, in this case. Papa John’s provided the pies at that time, but don’t expect this or any other big chain to be part of Pompliano’s pop-up shop this weekend. The brand’s website categorically declares that “Bitcoin Pizza is the first decentralized pizza brand to bring our favorite neighborhood pizzerias under one roof to take on Big Pizza.”

To do this, the brand has partnered with independent boutiques across the country, which will prepare and deliver a special menu of five different pies. Side dishes and drinks will also be available. Customers can order for delivery or pickup on the Bitcoin Pizza website. So far, participating cities include San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Miami, Washington, DC, New York, Boston, and Chicago. Others should be announced.

Profits go to participating restaurants, and some to the Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin Development Fund. “Every pizza benefits the open source developers who work to make the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized and resilient,” the Bitcoin Pizza website states.

There’s just one thing Bitcoin Pizza doesn’t do: accept crypto as a currency. Currently, customers who order pizza can pay with a credit card or Google Pay. According to an interview with Restaurant Business, Bitcoin Pizza is considering adding crypto as a payment option. Which would make sense, given all of the above.

Bitcoin Pizza is a temporary brand at the moment. According to Popchew, who Pompliano worked with to launch Bitcoin Pizza, the brand will relaunch as a permanent operation in the near future.



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