9 delicious pork-free restaurants under RM20 to curb your hunger in Damen, USJ



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Da Men Mall in USJ, Subang Jaya, is a neighborhood shopping center that houses a wide variety of dining and dining options. During the containment phases, they even offered drive-through pickup services so that customers can eat without ever leaving their car!

Even though Klang Valley moves into Phase 2, Damen still offers drive-through pickup.

For under 20 RM, you can indulge in a variety of pork-free meals, all still available for drive-through pickup if you don’t like shopping in the mall.

1. Ayam Penyet D’Kota

Set lele penyet serves a whole fried catfish with your meal.
(Credit: Ayam Penyet D’Kota)

Need a spicy kick? You can’t go wrong with Ayam Penyet D’Kota!

A plate of fluffy white rice is served with your choice of protein, be it crispy fried chicken or crispy fried fish, and accompanied by spicy sambal, slices of fresh cucumber, tempe, tofu and soup. Prices range from RM11.90 to RM16.90.

If you like Malaysian / Indonesian cuisine, this restaurant is for you!

Additionally, from September 7 to 13, Ayam Penyet sets will be reduced to just RM9.90.

Ayam Penyet D’Kota, Food Arcade, LG-40, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Ayam Penyet D’Kota is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp at 019-9580947

2. Thai Aroi

Tom Yum Seafood with Fish, Shrimp and Sotong.
(Credit: AroiThai)

If you miss Thailand and its sensational cuisine, this is the place for you! Serving fresh seafood to enhance the rich flavors of Thai cuisine, AroiThai’s menu will delight your taste buds with a crescendo of flavor with every bite.

Some of their signatures include the sweet-salty fusion of Seafood Phad Thai (RM15.90), with its salty, nutty, spicy and slightly sweet flavors, and the Seafood Tom Yum soup (RM19.90) is another must-try. , it is aromatic with a sour and spicy taste, making it a special comfort food that is sure to add spice to your day!

From September 6 to 20, enjoy a favorite Thai dish – Pattaya Fried Rice – for just RM9.90!

AroiThai, LG-23, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
AroiThai is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a whatsapp at 017-2030400

3. Mr Fish Fish and seafood noodles

Black salmon fillet and fish paste Milky noodle soup with a generous portion of fish.
(Credit: Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle)

Serving authentic home-cooked fish head noodles, Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle uses only fresh, natural ingredients – no MSG added!

If you’re looking for spices, try their Premium Grouper Fish Head Curry Laksa (RM 17.90). Not in the mood for noodles? Try the premium grouper fillet and fish mouth porridge (RM18.50).

Also, from September 9th to 15th, they are running a promotion of Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle Fish Paste Noodles or Patin Mesh Noodles for RM9.90.

Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle, LG-24, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp at 011-35276626

4. Oh Cha Cha

Passion fruit Shy Jih Chuen fruit with plenty of fruits you need daily.
(Credit: OhChaCha)

Oh Cha Cha uses the best Taiwanese teas to create a series of delicious drinks, specializing in cheese or tofu cream teas and fruit teas.

A must-have is their bestselling Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (RM12.90), Cheese Cream Coffee (RM15.90) ​​and their Tofu Cream Taro Milk (RM14.90). If you’re looking for a citrus drink to quench your thirst, try Shy Jih Chuen Passion Fruit with Fruit (RM16.90) – the tropical flavors make for a refreshing drink!

Selected drinks will be on sale for just RM9.90 from September 6-12, exclusively at Da Men USJ!

Oh Cha Cha, LG-K03, lower ground floor, Da Men USJ
Oh Cha Cha is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp at 017-9868659

5. Penang Ho Chiak

Classic Penang Asam Laksa, we still can not drive north.
(Credit: Penang Ho Chiak)

Hailing from Penang, Penang Ho Chiak serves your all-time favorite in one of Malaysia’s culinary hubs!

This hidden Da Men USJ gem is worth a visit, especially if you fancy a good Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn Paste (RM 6.90), Penang Asam Laksa (RM 12.90), Prawn Mee (RM 12.90) ) and Penang Curry white mee (RM12.90).

Penang Ho Chiak, Food Arcade, LG-44, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Penang Ho Chiak is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp at 016-9933193

6. Coffee and toast

Coffee & Toast serves delicious dishes such as this classic Alfredo Spaghetti.
(Credit: Coffee and toast)

Coffee & Toast is a trendy cafe with an extensive Western and Asian menu, offering meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Popular dishes include Coffee & Toast’s Alfredo Spaghetti (RM16.80), Classic Indomie (RM13.80), and Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM17.80).

Coffee and Toast, LG-19, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Coffee & Toast is also available for drive-through pickup service, contact 03-80206061 or send them a WhatsApp at 014-7201799

7. Autism Cafe Project

Small snacks greatly help the autistic community.
(Credit: Autism Cafe project)

Savor delicious food with a noble cause at the Autism Cafe Project. Created to empower young people with autism by providing employment opportunities, this cafe serves a limited menu of delicious Malaysian dishes prepared by a talented group of young people with autism.

You can choose from a range of dishes and snacks, ranging from Vegetarian Bee Hoon with Egg (RM 9.50), Nasi Kerabu Bunga Telang with Ayam Percik (RM 15), Bingka (RM 3) and many more.

Autism Cafe Project, LG-12, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Autism Cafe Project is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp at 012-3490813

8. Abe Yus Kari Puff

Curry soufflés for when you just want a snack.
(CreditL Ong Lai Dim Sum House)

People say “with one bite you will become addicted your whole life” for good reason! Kari Puff Abe Yus serves savory curry puffs that are freshly made daily, with a crunch that draws you in for more.

With a selection of curry puff toppings (RM 2.50 for a piece) ranging from traditional curry potato and tom yum, this popular hot and flaky snack makes a perfect bite on the go!

Ong Lai Dim Sum House, LG-07, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Kari Puff Abe Yus is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp on 010-2269439 or 011-11406959

9. Recipe from delicious mom sister

Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan except that it is not made with pork.
(Credit: Mum Yummy Sister)

Mummy Yummy Sister Recipe offers a variety of Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Western dishes that are truly delicious!

Savor the popular Taiwan Lu Rou Fan (rice) (RM8.90) or dry braised chicken noodles (RM8.90), or treat yourself to a comforting bowl of Mee Sua oysters (RM9.90). If you’re in the mood for something sweet, enjoy their selection of waffles (RM 5.90-14.90) or bubble eggs (RM 5.90-8.90)!

Mummy Yummy Sister Recipe, New Nanyang Food Street, LG-D2, Lower Ground Floor, Da Men USJ
Mummy Yummy Sister Recipe is also available for drive-through pickup service, send them a WhatsApp on 019-2298886

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