3 reasons why I’m not a fan of meal delivery kits


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Many people love meal delivery kits. Here’s why I don’t.

Key points

  • Meal delivery kits can make preparing food at home easy and convenient.
  • Despite these benefits, I find them to be a waste of money.

As a perpetually busy working parent, I understand why meal delivery kits appeal to some people. These kits come in a few different varieties. Some send you ingredients that you combine in your kitchen and cook yourself, while others send you pre-packaged meals that you simply heat up.

Both can be a huge time saver during the week. Not too long ago, when work was exceptionally busy, I decided to try a meal delivery service and see if I liked it.

The verdict? The meals were quite tasty. But I still do not plan to renew my subscription. In fact, I realized that I was just not a fan of meal delivery kits for the following reasons.

1. They are more expensive than groceries

The advantage of cooking at home is that you spend less money on groceries than dining out or ordering takeout. But if your goal is to reduce your food expenses, meal delivery kits will only get you part of the way. Indeed, you will pay much more for these services than for loading a shopping trolley at the supermarket.

Now, I have to admit that when I signed up for a meal delivery kit, my goal wasn’t so much to save money on food as it was to save time. But in the end, I found that I didn’t save a lot of money compared to the cost of takeout, which is even more convenient.

2. The portions are not very generous

The meal delivery service I used had, as I mentioned, good food – there just wasn’t a lot of it. Now I can see the value of using a service that effectively enforces portion control. But because I do a pretty good job myself, the small portions provided by my delivery service didn’t sit well with me.

In fact, my favorite takeout at a nearby Thai restaurant is $12 and enough for three dinners. It’s $4 per meal. With the meal delivery service I used most recently, the cost per meal was more like $8 or $9, and there was nothing left for an additional meal.

3. I really like to cook

Some people don’t have a lot of cooking experience or have trouble coming up with recipe ideas. But I really like to cook and I think I’m good at it. As such, all I really get from a meal delivery service is a bit of a time saver. But this benefit alone is not enough to compel me to keep paying for one.

I know many people who love their respective meal delivery services. But if you’re going to sign up for one, understand what benefits you’re really getting. If your goal is to spend less on food and free up more money to save, a meal delivery service isn’t the best way to go about it. But if your goal is to take the guesswork out of meal prep and free up time during the week, you might find that meal delivery kits are more than worth it.

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