1977 Disney World drink prices will shock you



It’s safe to say that over the years things will change, even at Walt Disney World.

From ticket prices to reinventing rides, theme parks are constantly evolving and changing. But there is one element of Walt Disney World that has changed dramatically since it opened in 1971: the prices of drinks!

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Nowadays, if you are looking for a cocktail, it will cost you around $ 10 to $ 15 depending on the type of alcohol and the type of drink you are looking for. However, let’s go back to the very beginning, just a few years after Disney World opened.

Walt Disney World opened to guests on October 1, 1971, and since then, guests have traveled to the world’s most magical place for Disney magic, unique entertainment, family rides and more. But, one thing visitors have always loved about Disney World is the restaurants.

Disney World offers a wide variety of food, from barbecue to Italian to street food, there is always something for everyone. And what goes well with the food? Why drink, of course!

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paddlefish disney springs
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For those of you over 21, I hope you sit down because when I tell you what the drink prices were in 1977, you won’t believe it.

Orlando Sentinel recently reported that the famous Baton Rouge Lounge cocktails, now where Paddlefish resides in Disney Springs, cost just $ 1.50! According to their report:

This is where the sticker shock might come in. In 1977, cocktails at the Baton Rouge Lounge were $ 1.50, with the exception of a specialty called Mark Twain, a frozen blend of brandy, mint cream and fruit juice. It would cost you $ 2.50.

Yes, you read that right – a cocktail previously only cost guests $ 1.50, apart from the Mark Twain Specialty Cocktail, which cost guests $ 2.50!

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Plus, the main courses were less than $ 15 each. In fact, most main courses would cost between $ 7.95 and $ 12.50. Orlando SentinelThe report went on to explain:

At Fisherman’s Deck, dinner entrees cost between $ 7.95 and $ 12.50. “The daily choice of soup will be lobster bisque served neat for the kids and with a hint of sherry for the adults,” the Sentinel wrote.

It was a fixed price for the Empress Room. The pre-opening ad was priced “in the range of $ 35 per person,” but instead it was $ 50.

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The Baton Rouge lounge was once located inside the Empress Lilly. However, the property closed for renovations and in 2017 Disney Springs brought in guests what is now a fan favorite restaurant, Paddlefish.

When looking at the Paddlefish menu, entrees that used to cost between $ 7.95 and $ 12.50 now cost between $ 18 and $ 46 – depending on the type of dish, cut of beef or selection of fish, of course.

Paddlefish at Disney Springs

Disney Springs describes this location as:

Since her christening to Empress Lilly in 1977, this enchanting ship – once an authentic replica of a 19th-century riverboat named after Walt Disney’s wife played has hosted a number of different restaurants and lounges, and housed even some of the premier breakfasts at Walt Disney World Resort.

Now known as Paddlefish and permanently moored at The Landing, the Floating Fortress has been transformed into an elegant and contemporary venue with 3 floors of dining areas, bars and outdoor terraces. It’s also the only Disney Springs restaurant to offer waterfront rooftop seating!

Along with the unique land and sea dishes from Executive Chef Steven Richard, patrons are often drawn to panoramic sunset views, an innovative cocktail menu, and chic rooftop shows every Friday and Friday. Saturdays from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m..

Disney springs
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Did you know that Paddlefish was Empress Lilly? Did you know that drink prices were under $ 2 in 1977? Let us know in the comments below.

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