Usual reasons to ask for mini loans

If you are facing any of these situations, you may need to ask for your mini loan at Good Finance:

This is usually one of the main reasons for requesting a mini-loan: an expense you did not consider. It is that unexpected expenses seem to arise more when we are in economic downturn. It may be that your car battery dies and you need to change it or a fine you did not know. Do not worry, mini loans are designed precisely to provide the urgent money we need quickly and efficiently.

Home renovations

Home renovations

Maybe you can’t postpone fixing that wall with moisture or you got tired of the color of your walls and you need that incentive to go buy the walls. The reforms require a lot of budget , especially when we need to hire professionals, so an economic boost is always welcome.

Repairs of household appliances or electronic devices

Repairs of household appliances or electronic devices

It usually happens in the middle of winter that the hot water tank breaks or the stove does not want to turn on. Sometimes repairs are urgent and cannot wait until you have the money to pay for them, in these situations, immediate loans may be the solution.

Pay taxes, fines and debts

Nowadays, when taxes went up so much, there are families that are restructuring their economy in order to pay for services. There are situations in which it is preferable to ask for a loan to have your gas cut. On the other hand, in case you need money to pay for other loans or credits, we recommend caution when requesting a mini loan to solve it. Our advice is not to apply for a loan if you know that you will not be able to pay.


Studying in our country is not always economical, especially for university students. So if you have children in time to study or want to improve your training, you may find some extra pesos from your mini loan to pay for your tuition.

Expenses related to the car

Expenses related to the car

Having a car is a comfort, but also a responsibility and a great expense! The car needs to be paid for the patent, gasoline and insurance. Not counting maintenance and any possible fine. Luckily a small loan can be the way out of the situation.

Weddings, baptisms and communions

These milestones in our lives generally involve a large Good Finance outlay. Although with a mini loan we will not be able to pay them in full, maybe you can help us with something we had saved. The important thing is that they do not stop celebrating!

Face spending spikes in: Christmas, back to school, holidays …

Face spending spikes in: Christmas, back to school, holidays ...

There are times when we spend more than usual and we do not always have the desired extra pay to face the payments. One way to dispose of the money we need in these exceptional times is to apply for a loan online.

Here we tell you how they work and how you can request your loan online.

A new member arrives in the family

The arrival of a baby is always very happy news, but it also means having to buy a lot of things that make the care of the youngest. Do not miss the stroller you want, I asked for your mini loan !

Attend concerts, festivals or all kinds of events

Attend concerts, festivals or all kinds of events

The dream of listening to your favorite group live can come true if you apply for a loan responsibly. Some of our clients request mini loans to go to that music festival that they love or attend a convention that will help them advance professionally, among other events.

Did you have to ask for a mini loan for some other reason?