The tender meat and the delicate and tasty flavor make it versatile in the kitchen and suitable for the preparation of numerous recipes. But salmon is not only good, it is also good for health! Let’s discover the nutritional characteristics together.

Nutritive properties and benefits of salmon

Everyone knows the goodness of salmon, but not everyone knows the nutritional properties and benefits it brings to the body.
Let’s start with the Omega-3 content , with innumerable beneficial properties, of which salmon is rich. Recent studies state that the major benefits of taking these polyunsaturated fatty acids are consuming foods like fish and vegetables that contain them, rather than supplements.

The Omega-3 in addition to having an antioxidant action and to combat cellular aging, reduce the amount of triglycerides in the blood while increasing that of HDL cholesterol, the so-called “good” cholesterol.
From a nutritional point of view, salmon has a very high protein content, which makes it a valid substitute for both white and red meat. It is also rich in vitamin D , essential for fixing calcium in the bones and useful for the prevention of various diseases.

Salmon in the kitchen

There are numerous and varied ways in which this fish can be prepared with a pleasant taste and with tender and full-bodied meat. You can eat fresh, cooked (grilled, baked, steamed, pan-fried, boiled), raw, marinated or smoked. The cooking times of the salmon are short, to keep the meat soft. The recipes range from appetizers, first courses to main courses.

Taking advantage of the arrival in the autumn season of fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges and pomegranates, at the Piccolo Mondo restaurant you can enjoy a delicious salad with marinated salmon, pomegranate and orange as a starter.

The recipes for preparing quick and easy pasta dishes are different and among these there are the classic salmon penne with cream, but you can experiment with a more refined recipe such as salmon gnocchi and double pepper. The ingredients are: potato gnocchi, smoked salmon, black pepper and pink pepper in grains, butter, brandy, salt and parsley.
A secret to enhance the taste of salmon is to combine foods with flavors that contrast it. An example is the slice of grilled salmon with guacamole and sauteed broccoli , a second of the Piccolo Mondo’s menu, where the spicy of this famous Mexican sauce enhances the taste of fish.

If you love salmon but not only, at the Piccolo Mondo restaurant you will find a menu rich in recipes based on fish prepared with care and creativity.