Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease of the small intestine which, failing to assimilate gluten, becomes permanently intolerant. According to the latest report on the subject delivered by the Ministry of Health to Parliament, celiacs are on the rise, between 20012 and 2014 their number grew by 14%. In reality, the number of diagnoses is increasing, precisely because public opinion is more sensitive to the subject.

 Fortunately, even the food and catering markets have taken the topic more seriously, especially in Italy, greatly simplifying the life of celiacs. One of the biggest problems of those suffering from celiac disease, in fact, is the change in lifestyle, not just in eating habits. Until a few years ago an invitation to dinner or an outing with a friend could create embarrassment, those suffering from celiac disease was in fact forced to bring their own food, even to the restaurant, and many to avoid inconvenience preferred to give up dinners with friends. Today, however, the number of restaurants for coeliacs in Rome is increasing, but what precautions must the restaurateurs have? To understand something more, we asked for some info from our chef Kristjan.

Chef, which ingredients used for dishes dedicated to celiacs?

People suffering from celiac disease can not take gluten, which is a protein complex present in oats , wheat , spelled , barley , rye and kamut, in addition to specific products we use special flour, such as rice flour, potato starch, carob seed flour, corn flour etc … then you have to be very careful in creating dishes , gluten is a substance that often hides in unsuspecting foods!

Are there any specific directions to follow?

The rules to be respected are simple, avoid possible contamination! The products must be kept away from other ingredients, closed in the appropriate containers, to safeguard the integrity and avoid any contamination. Cooking takes place in the oven or in clean pans, the foods do not come into contact with other flours. Attention must also be paid to knives, cutting boards and all the tools we use in the kitchen.