The difference between common lobster and red lobster

The common lobster, whose scientific name is homarus, is part of the family of nephropods. Unlike the red lobster, it has a smooth carapace and two large front claws, which it uses to attack its prey and defend itself from predators. The two crustaceans also differ in taste, which in the case of the common lobster is less sweet and more pronounced. This makes it the ideal ingredient for refined first courses, such as risotto or exquisite lobster linguini.

What is the Blue Lobster?

The homarus gammarus, also known as “blue lobster”, is the least common and most prized variety. It differs from the American homarus by the bluish reflections of its armour, as well as by its extremely tender and tasty flesh. In nature, there are some lobster specimens which have a real intense blue pigmentation, fruit of a genetic defect, but these are very rare cases (about one specimen every two million). Blue lobster terminology, therefore, refers to European lobster, which is more difficult to find on the market and, consequently, considered more valuable than American lobster.

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