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Your credit agency is a picture of your current and past financial situation. Without it, it is impossible for us to make a precise diagnosis of your financial habits. It will make all the difference with lenders. It is a reflection of your credibility with them.

Ensure that your credit agency has the right information

Ensure that your credit bureau has the right information

Team members have all had advanced training on credit agencys. Regardless of the mortgage demand, we must first ensure that your credit agency has the right information. We are able, as a credit specialist, to correct errors that could affect your credit rating. We work directly with the Equilbi Credit Agency, one of the largest credit agencys in Canada. In general, it only takes a few days to make the correction and the impact, very positive, makes all the difference.

Here is the story of one of our clients:

Here is the story of one of our clients:

April 2014 – Mr. J comes to our office for the meeting with his advisor, Mr. T. He wants to refinance his house to free himself from certain debts. After analyzing his file and his credit agency, we find that his credit rating is 561, so much too low to be accepted by a financial institution. The customer is shocked. He had a personal loan in 2010 for a total amount of $ 10,000. At his credit agency, a current balance of $ 7,244 is indicated, the client has already paid this balance with supporting evidence, but the financial institution has never asked Equilbi to zero the balance. As a result, it is impossible for him to apply for a mortgage with a conventional financial institution.

The same day, Mr. T sent the correction request to Equilbi, the balance of the loan was set to zero and the client obtained a brand new credit rating of 670. Mr. T finally got his mortgage, thanks to this intervention.

So, a good thing to do before starting a mortgage application is obviously the consultation and verification of your credit agency by a specialist. What you will find on site at our offices.